Diagnostic Assessment

Neuropsychological Assessment provides an objective view into the functioning of one’s brain. Focusing on pediatrics, Dr Ferdico specializes in neurodevelopmental disorders such as Autism, ADHD, Learning Disorders, genetic disorders and brain injury.

Learning Assessment

Whether you want to optimize Remote Learning, find the ideal school environment for your child, explore giftedness or look into cognitive wellness, a comprehensive assessment can provide critical information to take the next step.


Court-ordered parenting plan evaluations, school support and other legal considerations from the Eastside to Seattle. We specialize in working with families who ave children with special needs from Autism, Learning Disorders to genetic conditions.

Executive Functioning Support

Does your child struggle with getting assignments in? Getting ready on time in the morning? Navigating planning out their schedule? Whether your child struggles with organization, time management, task management or working memory, we can help.

Dyslexia Support

Our Learning Specialists utilize a variety of evidence based, Orton-Gillingham strategies to help kids with Dyslexia learn phonics, decoding and reading fluency.

Dyscalculia Support

Our math specialists focus on hands-on learning to help children understand the number line, magnitude, math facts and operations using math manipulatives.