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Diagnostic Assessment

Neuropsychological Assessment provides an objective view into the functioning of one’s brain. Focusing on pediatrics, Dr Ferdico specializes in neurodevelopmental disorders such as Autism, ADHD, Learning Disorders, genetic disorders and brain injury.

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Optimize Learning

Whether you want to optimize Learning, find the ideal school environment for your child, explore giftedness or look into cognitive wellness, a comprehensive assessment can provide critical information to take the next step to optimize learning.

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Court-ordered parenting plan evaluations, school support and other legal considerations from the Eastside to Seattle. We specialize in working with families who have children with special needs from Autism, Learning Disorders to genetic conditions.

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What is Neuropsychological Assessment ?

Neuropsychological Assessment is a powerful way to have a window into your brain’s functioning. Through standardized assessments and clinical observation, a neuropsychologist can assess many cognitive domains to discover strengths and challenges.

Our focus is on Neurodevelopmental Disorders, as the growing, developing brain is fascinating to assess and support. Discovering a child’s strengths can help plan meaningful interventions, avoid needless medications and help a child’s support network gain better understanding of how to help.

If you have a child that is struggling or are just curious to where and how they function best, a neuropsychological evaluation can gain helpful insight.

Next Steps…

Dr Ferdico will book an information session with the parent initially, and then schedule assessment sessions accordingly.