Do you take Insurance?

We are contracted with a variety of Insurance Plans. Whether or not your services are covered depends on the nature of the service and “medical necessity.” Typically, anything legally mandated or school-related is not covered by many insurance plans, while more medically-related assessments such as diagnostic assessment can be covered. Our Billing Specialist will communicate with your insurance plan to find out exactly what is covered and what is not.

How long is the evaluation process?

The process for an evaluation depends on a number of factors, from the referral question, age of individuals involved, number of medical records to be reviewed, etc. In the initial meeting with Dr Ferdico you can expect to get a ball park time frame.

What’s a Superbill and do you provide one?

A Superbill is a type of invoice that has multiple pieces of information required by insurance to possibly reimburse your services. We will happily provide a Superbill with all required components for all medically necessary services. Legal and Gifted assessments are not considered medically necessary.